Timmy Hill was back at the wheel at the Texas Motor Speedway driving for Circle Sport in the #33 Chevy. “I am very excited to be back behind the wheel of the #33 car! These are a hard working group of guys that put 110% of effort in each weekend to beat these big teams.”


“Heading to Texas I felt really good about how our weekend would go. The 1.5 mile race tracks have been really good to me in my career. Texas is one of those tracks where the surface has aged over time, giving us drivers room to move from top to bottom & really stive to find lines and advantages throughout the race.”


“We unloaded on Friday. We were given one round of practice then straight to qualifying. With there only being 43 cars this weekend, we put all of our focus on race trim. Throughout practice we found very respectful speed on the longer runs. This was a good sign because the tires were falling off at a fast rate and we were able to have a car that would mantain a good pace as those tires lost grip and times fell off.”


“With ths race being a long 500 mile race, we knew that we had to keep the car clean, make good pit calls, and make no mistakes. As the green flag dropped, our car was just as good as we thought it was. We picked off a couple positions right away advancing in the runing order. As the race progressed, this turned into a long strung out race with everyone playing the race cool and no cautions flying. We had to make smart decisions on pit calls as we made a number of green flag stops. As the race was coming to a close, things seemed to change. There were a number of cautions that flew but this however hurt us. The cars we were racing had gambled on some of the wave arounds and got lucky with the cautions putting them a lap ahead of us. We were still able to bring our Little Joes Auto #33 car home in the 35th postion.”


“Overall I felt like it was a good da. We made good calls all day, had a decent car all day, and brought the car home without a scratch. For a small team this is great because we can take that same car and only make it better for the next race!”