With the Camping World Truck Series coming back after the month break, the Premium Motorsports #49 team was ready for some short track racing at Martinsville! Martinsville is one of the coolest races to run. The racing is so close and competitive, it brings out the best in everyone.

The weekend started on Friday with 3 rounds of practice. With rain in the area, we really pushed to get a lot done in a short period of time. In first practice we wanted to focus on race trim to assure we would have a good package for Saturday. Everything went as smoothed as we hoped & stacked up 27th on speed right off the truck. To our surprise the rain never came so we had the luxury to try a lot of different changes in the following practices to see what I liked best. Those final two practices found our #49 truck 26th on the speed charts with a very tight field.

As we rolled on to Saturday, we all had high expectations for great results. First on the agenda was qualifying. This stage of the day is always stressful with a large field. Unfortunately 5 trucks would not make the field to start the race. We were able to repeat our speed that we ran in practice but that would only have us start the race in the 29th position. However based off practice and how the truck was driving, everyone on the Premium Motorsports team was gearing up for another good race.

So the green flag waved and we were off to the races. These drivers were aggressive out there. We were all leaning on each other, rubbing, and bumping from the get go. Picking up spots was a blast! Trouble found us quick as I noticed we had unusual brake failures. The brakes were not being over used and were not showing hot but the brake pedal was not coming back. Under the first caution we decided to raise the hood to look for possible leaks in the brake lines. We weren’t able to find a visible solution and to keep from losing more laps we shut the hood and hustled back to the track.

We were down but not out. I had to really back up the corners driving with no brake pedal for awhile. After a handful of laps we could run a solid pace without using brakes, and let me tell you this was tough. We kept our eyes forward and kept our truck clean and out of the wrecks. We passed a few cars along with getting by some close incidents. After a touch day we were able to salvage a 24th place finish. With the circumstances that we were under, we will call this a win in our books.

This weekend was a special one for me. We had so much help from all of our partners to make this weekend even possible. I want to thank my friends from Testoril, EPH Tools, JEFA Tech, and Champion Machinery for the continued support in this NASCAR team! We have so much potential in this small team to grow. We still sit in the top 20 in driver & owner points amongst large powerhouse teams with unlimited resources. To continue to battle against them is only a testament to the hard work and dedication we have at Premium Motorsports. Our next race we are focusing at is Kansas in May. We have a lot of opportunities available to partner with us and be apart of the team. We are going to keeping digging as hard as we can and if you want to join this battle with us, we would love to have you aboard!