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Bristol Motor Speedway Race Recaps

Timmy Hill rolled into the thunder valley ready to pull the double duty driving in both the NASCAR Sprint Cup race along with the Nationwide race. The first race of the weekend began on Saturday as Hill started 25th in the Drive to Stop Diabetes 300. “We had a strong start to the race making moves to position ourselves into the top 20″ Just 100 laps into the 300 lap race, Hill looses a cylinder. “We had dropped to 7 cylinders just a third of the way into the race. Luckily this is a short track and we were able to keep running even down on power.” Timmy Hill brought the #23 Lilly Trucking Chevy home in the 21st position. “To come out of the race in one piece and fight against the odds, I call that a successful day!”
Day number two rolled around as Timmy prepared himself for 54TH Annual FOOD CITY 500. “This is a long race and our main goal is to just finish all 500 laps.” The race would be delayed however due to rain and would become a night race. “The race had a short run before a patch of rain came to stop the race once again. We were able to evaluate the car over this period of time to make the best of the day” “We didn’t have our car where we wanted and we were looking to do our best to make the best out of the day.” As the rain stopped and the race resumed, Hill found himself with a better handling race car after some great changes by the Circle Sport team. Shortly after, trouble found Hill. “A wreck was occurring in front of us but in a blind spot for me in the car. With as fast as this race track is, the delayed call from the spotter left me helpless as we collided with the #20 ending our day” “This was very disappointing for me because for sure this was something that could have been avoided but circumstances led to our day being ended and valuable points down the drain.” Hill and the Circle Sport team head back to Mooresville and prepare for their next event at Martinsville. 

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Event Recap

This weekend in Vegas was the first for a lot of things. 21-year old Timmy Hill rolls into Vegas not to roll the dice, but on a mission to have a good start to his season driving his first start for Circle Sport. “I thought the weekend went great!” “With the extra test day for the teams, extra time was given to us to learn, bond, and better prepare for our first weekend together.” “Our goals were to finish the race and learn all we can to better us for our season to come” “We ran a solid race, we started the race with the car being “loose” but Mark Hillman and the team did an excellent job to make great changes and improve on the car” The #33 team ended the race with goals met and look to take what was learned to improve in each race forward. Bristol is on the teams agenda next, so stay tuned to see how Timmy takes to the World’s fastest half mile!