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New Hampshire Motor Speedway Race Recap

Timmy Hill was back at the wheel in New Hampshire driving the #87 Land Castle Title Toyota for Identity Ventures Racing.

“I was glad to have the chance to go back to New Hampshire where I have had some success in the past with a top 10 finish in my only K&N start there”

“New Hampshire is a fun track that has long straightaways and tight flat corners which make it challenging to get the car slowed and turning the corning.”

“The weekend started off on a good note. With there only being an even 43 car field, we put all our efforts on race trim. I felt like we put together a good effort all weekend. We had good brakes on the car, we made a lot of good changes to the car, and we had a good plan for the race.”

However some misfortunes happened early in the race.

“We had a solid start to the race. We kept the car clean through some early incidents and kept a respectable pace. I started losing voltages and shortly after started losing power. We had to pull the car behind the wall and the team went to work to get us back out on track. After changing nearly everything we still had a mystery.”

“Our day was ended early and we had to go back to the drawing board to figure out what went wrong. Once back at the shop we changed the wiring to eliminate any problems for the future and we will get them next time!”

Pocono Raceway Race Recap

Pocono Raceway also known as “the tricky triangle” was next for Timmy Hill. “Pocono is just one of those race tracks where as a driver you just cant wait to start turning laps!” “This track has 3 completely different corners along with massive straightaways which makes it a thriller.” Hill heads to Pocono driving the #66 Land Castle Title Toyota for Identity Ventures Racing.
“I felt like the weekend went according to plan. We worked together well for the first time and got the car dialed in for our liking.” “After spending the majority of our time in race trim in practice, we rolled out for qualifying with intentions of putting down a safe lap with all 43 cars locked into Sunday’s race.” Hill ran a solid lap with his Land Castle Title Toyota to start the Pocono 400 in the 39th position.
“Everything has gone as planned through out the weekend and our goal was to get through this race, work on the car through out the race, and come home with a solid finish.” Hill took the green flag and the #66 team went to work. The pace of the race was a quick one as the long green flag runs started right off the bat. “I felt like the handle of the car was good all day and the #66 team did a great job on the box making good calls and keeping us on the right strategy.”
Hill finished the Pocono 400 in the 36th position.